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This electronic relay contains 2 power outputs what can drive 60 Watt / each.

The control is with a push button, to be connected to the yellow cable respect to gnd. Every push on the button will change the status of the outputs. This is the standard operation for low - and high beam.

If the green cable is be connected to gnd the outputs will change simultaneously. In this case you can use the relay as 120 Watt switch. Just cut the cable for the normal change between low beam and high beam.


Koko: 38 x 16 x 11mm
Materiaali: ABS muovi, valettu 2K epoksilla
Kytkennät: Ohjainpuoli 0,22mm², virtapuoli 1mm²
Virrankulutus käytössä: 7 mA
Max. lämpötila: 80°C
Jännite: 7 - 18 Volttia
Max. virta: 2 x 5 A, oikosulku suojattu