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The easy RFID works with only one button.One press on the start button will activate the transponder module what looks for an electronic key (tag).
The module will activate the ignition output if a identified tag is beside of the module. One more press on the button will activate the starter relais..


This electronic box version D controlls the main functions of your motorbike in combinations with push buttons. The following options are possible:
- Flasher control with button or a switch
- Auto flasher off function, emergency flasher, "Low Light" dim modus adjustable
- Control of low - and high..


The G-Box is available with 1 handle bar adapter (G), or with 2 handle bar adapters(G2). It controlls the main electrical functions with push buttons on your motorcycle from a central location. The Electronicbox provides the following functions:
  - Lightcontrol with switch and pushbutton possible ..


Size does matter ! This is the smallest electronicbox on the market. The box is able to control the main electrical functions of your motorcycle from a central location. The Electronicbox provides the following functions:  - Light control with switch and push button possible  - Flasher control with..


This is our new ignition lock. It is a small bluetooth controlled switch module controlled by a smart phone app. You can switch on the ignition and other functions of your bike via your smart phone after selecting a 4 - pin code. The distance is about 10 m, depending of the installed position. Just feel..


This is a small flasher controller for pushbuttons in a small package what will fit in every handlebar. A comfort flasher function is integrated what will switch off the indicators after a while if no button is be pushed.


The Nanoflash is one of the worldwide smallest electronic flasher relay on the bike market. With a size of 15 mm x 9 mm x 5 mm will it fit almost everywhere in your bike. The Nanoflash can handle loads between 0,1 Watt and 42 Watt. It replaces the standard flasher relay in custombikes. The Nanoflash..


This electronic relay contains 2 power outputs what can drive 60 Watt / each.
The control is with a push button, to be connected to the yellow cable respect to gnd. Every push on the button will change the status of the outputs. This is the standard operation for low - and high beam.
If the green..


All electronic boxes on the market reduce the amount of required cables on a bike. They make installations simpler and fault finding easier. However, it´s surprising how much wiring remains on the bike, what result in a typical installation time between 10 and 20 hours. That´s why we started the new..